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This weekend I was at Sola and Jæren. I was giving lessons for race organizers. This picture was taken when we were watching a Cyclocross race.

Poings pøbeljul

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Five hours fantastic concert with a lot of good music! Poing, Maja Ratkje, Valkyrien Allstars, Stig Henrik Hoff, Lars Lillo Stenberg, strykere, Bergen Banjoband, and some other guys, I do not remember. Not a good picture today. The music is … Continue reading


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Today I have been some walks outside, but most of the day I have been indoor, watching this. And done some work too! -20 outside today.

Frozen summer

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It is winter and below -10 degrees. This is a piece of frozen summer I found today. This picture is uploaded from iPad. New way of updating the blog.